8 - 9 November 2017 / Valence, Spain

GROW your REGIOn Smart Networking Opportunities

Intensify industrial cooperations and strategic connections between regional and local eco-systems


In the scope of this Conference, participants will have several opportunities to enjoy active Networking with other peers and relevant regional stakeholders. These are the following:

  • A matchmaking session organized by WATIFY, an awareness-raising campaign funded by the European Commission to stimulate the technological transformation of Europe’s industry. This Matchmaking session is on Data-Driven Consumer Goods. The areas addressed are Smart Textiles, Agro-food, Tourism and Blue Growth, notably the use of aerospace/IT applications for blue growth.
  • Networking slots during the Conference agenda

Find the conference programme here.


The European Commission's White Paper on the Future of Europe and its Start-up and Scale-up Communication outlined the need for more industrial cooperation and strategic connections between regional and local eco-systems. Its recent Communication on 'Strengthening Innovation in Europe's Regions' also calls for stronger strategic inter-regional cooperation, sustainable linkages and investments.

One of the key topics identified is data. Data is profoundly changing the nature of our relationships. The use of social media is now underpinning the way in which we talk to each other, while e-commerce and advertising platforms are changing the way we communicate with brands, product manufacturers and service providers. However, many sectors within the consumer goods market seem to be hesitant about fully engaging with the emerging data economy, with digitalization at the end of the day. While some might have taken specific measures to go social for instance, the number of brands where customer relationships are primarily mediated by data, rather than via retailers, appears to be quite limited still.

The areas addressed during the WATIFY’s matchmaking event on data-driven consumer goods are smart textiles, agro-food, tourism and blue growth, notably the use of aerospace/IT applications for blue growth. This approach includes not only the products and services themselves, but also their related fabrication and delivery processes along their corresponding value chains. Here, ICT/Digital and Key Enabling Technologies play a crucial role in order to make those products and services competitive along with innovative business models that will modernize European regions’ industrial tissue.


WATIFY’s matchmaking event on data-driven consumer goods has the objective of facilitating inter-regional / cross-border cooperation between different public and private sector stakeholders in the development of joint initiatives /partnerships or joint demonstration / pilot projects.

What to expect

High Level Speakers

A plenary session rich of insight from experts and ongoing European supporting structures in the area.

Group Meetings

Opportunity to connect with different actors for further inter-regional/cross-border cooperation on targeted focus areas. Learn how to get the most out of working group meetings in WATIFY matchmaking here.

Bilateral Meetings

Opportunity to initiate promising contacts in pre-arranged meetings. Learn how to get the most out of bilateral meetings in Watify matchmaking here.

Why participate?

Data now feels so crucial to business success that without an ongoing, data-mediated relationship with their customer base, we might be looking at an environment where data-poor product manufacturers and service providers will struggle to compete effectively. This is a structural challenge that many companies face in a variety of sectors. Additionally, market figures are quite conclusive, there’s a huge opportunity for innovative companies in any of those sectors. According to the January 2016 World Economic Forum report on Digital Transformation of Industry, Big Data is expected to lead in the consumer market to a value at stake of over $600 billion for industry and $2.8 trillion for society in improved customer service and retailing experience. Key digital trends in the consumer goods industry such as hyper-personalization, shift from products to services to experiences, smart factories, etc. are expected to result in significant synergies and savings to the industry.

Who should attend?

  • Regional and local authorities
  • Regional development agencies
  • Clusters and other business intermediaries
  • SME's and RTO's from all over Europe

Venue & Location

Veles e Vents - Marina de Valencia, Muelle de la Aduana s/n 46024 Valencia (Spain)

Francisco Bujan fbujan@carsa.es

Lucia Princikova - lprincikova@carsa.es

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